New Ashcroft poll of London suggests TMay’s Tories should expect a hammering in May

March 5th, 2018

There’s a new 3,060 sample London poll from Lord Ashcroft in the Evening Standard which points to the blue team facing a struggle in the capital to hold onto to all the council that it runs
Three are highlighted, Wandsworth, Barnet and Westminster, as being ones which could fall. The Tories could also struggle in SW London where it is defending Kingston and Richmond from the LDs.

As ever there are lots of well-presented tables in the report and I have highlighted the above one.

Lord Ashcroft’s broad observation is this:

“We found the national political picture looking pretty grim to Londoners, including many of those who voted Conservative in last year’s general election. Just a quarter – including only six in ten of those who voted Tory last June, and only just over half of Conservatives who voted to remain in the EU – said they approved of the government’s record to date…”

In the ratings section of the poll London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, comes out best as can be seen in the table.

From the blue perspective this is setting expectations pretty low which means that even marginal performances on the day that runs better than the overall narrative will be presented as great victories.

The big problem for the Tories in London, of course, is the CON flagship policy of Brexit.

Mike Smithson