The Foreign Office goes on the PR offence over Russian Salisbury disinformation

March 20th, 2018

What say you Mr. Corbyn?

The above video which has been issued by the Foreign Office looks appears to be a very different approach to diplomacy in relation to Russia than we have seen before.

Clearly in the current situation where this is all about winning the battle for hearts and minds and who do you believe getting your case out there is highly important.

Having looked at the video a couple of time I think it’s quite impressive. It is simple a straightforward and uses the graphics very well – it certainly won’t be out of place on social media. It is, perhaps, a shock that the Foreign Office should be acting in this way. You normally expect them to be working behind closed doors not going public in a big way,

There is the ongoing situation that the leader of the opposition and member of the Privy Council, Jeremy Corbyn, seems to be going out of his way not to criticise Moscow in any way.

Mike Smithson