Lord Chancellor David Gauke becomes 3/1 favourite for next Cabinet minister out after the High Court blocks the release of the black cab rapist

March 28th, 2018

Will TMay force him out or not?

The big political betting development this afternoon have been a rush of money going on Lord Chancellor, David Gauke for next cabinet exit following a decision earlier by the High Court to block the release of the black cab rapist, John Worboys.

The court ruled in favour of two of his victims to overturn a decision to release the black cab rapist. It decided that the Parole Board should make a “fresh determination” of the case – a move that’s caused the resignation of Parole Board chairman Nick Hardwick.

According to the Telegraph:-

“..One Tory MP said that Mr Gauke should consider his position. The MP said: “He f—– up, he could not have f—– up more.

“He showed no leadership at all, he allowed himself to be rolled by officials. He is fighting for his future, he has to take responsibility and consider his position. He was weak and pathetic. It’s all very well to sack Nick Hardwick, but he himself has to take responsibility.

Friends of Mr Gauke insisted that he will not resign over the case. Making a statement in the Commons, Mr Gauke said it was clear that there was “widespread concern” about the Parole Board’s decision and that he shared the concerns and welcomed the judgment.”

My guess is that Gauke’s future is now in the hands of the prime minister who will not want to be pushed at this stage but might have to be if the furore continues. She’s had enough Cabinet ministers quitting over the last 6 months after they had got into difficulty in one way or another.

If the story dies down quickly then my guess is that the Lord Chancellor will be safe at least until the next formal cabinet reshuffle.

I’m very reticent to bet myself on this market because I have always ended up losing. It’s very easy to conclude that someone is doomed only to see them hang on. Mrs May herself is a great example of this.

Mike Smithson