If Brexit is ever to be reversed it’ll be down to the 13% who think Brexit will negatively impact the economy but not their personal finances

May 31st, 2018

I’ve been long of the opinion if Brexit is to be reversed it will be after a few years after the public has experienced Brexit and those who voted for Leave expecting no negative economic impacts would be crucial if Rejoin were to win.

So yesterday’s ICM poll for The Guardian, as per the tweet atop this thread, really did catch my attention. These findings might be an artefact of George Osborne’s hyperbolic and near apocalyptic economic warnings about Brexit, although if next March we leave the EU on WTO terms then the criticisms towards Osborne and Remain is that they lowballed it.

With the noises coming from the government that the Brexit they are proposing is towards the flaccid end and not the tumescent end of Brexit then I expect economic disruption to be minimised then I suspect 13% not to be disappointed unlike the Remainers/Rejoiners.

As we saw with the dementia tax hoi polloi don’t like policies that will make them poorer