The latest PB/Polling Matters Podcast: Ireland post referendum & Irish unity, Where are Leave and Remain Voters? David Davis: back-stop or back-down?

June 7th, 2018

The PB / Polling Matters podcast returns! On this week’s episode, Keiran is joined by Irish journalist and host of ‘The Irish Passport’ podcast Naomi O’Leary to discuss the fallout from the recent referendum on abortion and where Ireland goes from here. Naomi gives her take on how Ireland has come to change so much in such a relatively short space of time and the relationship between the Irish people and the Catholic church, alongside perspectives on Brexit in Ireland.

Keiran is then joined by Dr Kevin Cunningham, lecturer in statistics, pollster with Ireland Thinks and former Targeting and Analysis manager for the UK Labour Party. Kevin also gives his perspective on the recent Irish referendum and looks at polling data on a united Ireland. Kevin goes on to discuss his recent work with Ian Warren of Election Data, looking at the breakdown of Remain and Leave voters in UK parliamentary constituencies, telling us what it has told him about Brexit and politics in Westminster.

Finally, Keiran gives his take on today’s battle between Theresa May and David Davis.


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