Brexit equivocator Corbyn isn’t doing too badly with Remainers but he’s doing appallingly with leavers

July 12th, 2018

TMay drops to her lowest favourability level yet

I am really glad that YouGov has returned to doing favorability ratings because I believe that this is the best measure of how leaders, in particular, are being viewed. I can also take some ownership for the format because these were first initiated by the firm following suggestions from me a couple of years ago.

Favorability ratings, of course, are the main measure used by American posters to test the political water.

The table above is very revealing and shows Theresa May really struggling with with her core base, those who voted Conservative. The polling, of course, took place against a background of great controversy and ministerial resignations following the big cabinet meeting last weekend on the government’s brexit policy.

The result is that in net terms Corbyn now has better ratings than Theresa May. I can’t help but feel that given the backing he gets from remain voters that at some stage this is going to cause him problems.

Interestingly for all the equivocation that the Labour leader has had over Brexit he is not getting much recognition for this from those who voted leave. In fact his net negative of -59 is greater than the -49 that Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has with this segment.

Mike Smithson