If you think Beto O’Rourke is going to win Texas in November then these might make for good bets

September 15th, 2018

The Dems winning Texas in a Presidential election changes the electoral maths.

In recent times Texas has been a safe banker for the GOP but demographics are trending back to the Dems, so what might help tip the balance is if the Dems choose a native son or daughter to be their nominee.

If you think Beto O’Rourke is going to win his Senate battle this autumn then looking at him being a future Presidential nominee seems logical. Tying up my money for 22 years isn’t very appealing but 66/1 and 100/1 for six and ten years might be worth a punt with William Hill. If you think he might do it in 2020 he’s 27s to win the Presidency in 2020 and 16s to be the Democratic Party nominee on Betfair.

If Hillary Clinton had won Texas in 2016 she’d have won the Presidency, that’s how important Texas is.


PS – William Hill also offer 33/1 on a party other than the Tories, Labour, Liberals (sic), UKIP, or Greens to win the most seats at the next UK general election. So if a new party is formed the only way I can see this bet winning is if we get a results across the country reminiscent of Inverness, Nairn, and Lochaber in 1992.