Prize Competition: Your chance to win the definitive work on what happened at GE2017

October 8th, 2018

What’s going to be the Texas Senatorial race result on November 6th?

I’ve just got my copy of the Phil Cowley/Denis Kavanagh study of the 2017 general election. As well as an excellent narrative on what was going on there’s also a detailed statistical analysis of the results from John Curtice and others.

This series was started for GE1945 and has continued unbroken ever since. From what I’ve read so far it really is excellent read and superb reference book for the future. Expect some PB posts in the coming days from some of the gems contained

The publishers have made available a copy for PB to offer as a prize which will be used for the Texas Senate election on November 6th. This is by far the most interesting contest that’s taking place in the 2018 MidTerms.

What will be the vote share (to 2 decimal points) of the Texas Democratic candidate, Beto O’Rourke, in the election set for four weeks on Tuesday?

Because it can take some time for final vote share in US elections to be determined this competition will be settled on the vote shares the New York Times is showing at 2200 GMT on Wednesday November 7th. These are the latest polls.

Please record your prediction in the comments thread using the heading MY ENTRY, below. You can go back and edit you entry at any time before 2100 GMT on Tuesday. Only one entry per person.

Those that aren’t registered with the Vanilla comments system will have to do so. Like all PB competitions my ruling on all aspects of the competition is final.

Best of luck.

Mike Smithson