The real weakness of the threats of PM Corbyn is that many LAB MPs don’t like the idea either

October 11th, 2018

With TMay seemingly in a total mess trying to maintain support for her Brexit plans while now being opposed by the Brextremists and the DUP lots of speculative scenarios are being played out.

James Forsyth in an interesting Speccie post linked to above raises one one scenario with the risk of PM Corbyn being just about the final argument that Mrs May might have.

I think John Rentoul’s response hits the nail on the head. There are a number of LAB MPs there who are totally opposed to Corbyn entering Number 10. It is hard to quantify this but they see him at close hand and are aghast at what has happened to their party. What about many of the Jewish LAB MPs for starters

We are in an incredible situation with every day passing meaning we are getting close to March 29th 2019.

    It is very hard to see how this plays out but then it was almost impossible to envisage on June 9th 2017 that Mrs. May would be able to carry on in the job as she has done.

It was also hard to see how the Brexit bill would get through parliament unscathed given the opposition particularly in the upper house. But Mrs. May survived that.

My guess is that the biggest threat she can make to the CON hardliners is having a second referendum. Would Moggsy & co dare to put at risk the whole project of leaving the EU if it came to the crunch?

Mike Smithson