Ladbrokes offering 50/1 that Cameron will be next Foreign Sec and 16/1 that he’ll return to the cabinet by end of 2019

November 2nd, 2018

The ex-PM who took the Brexit referendum gamble said to want to make a return

I’m not quite sure how we should take the reports first in the Sun and then in other media outlets about the former PM’s desires. The Standard reports:

“..A friend of the 52-year-old suggested he would like to join the Cabinet after a new Tory leader succeeds Theresa May.

The source told The Sun: “David is dedicated to public service and has often said he wouldn’t rule out a public role, domestically or internationally. He is still a young man.”

The newspaper added that Mr Cameron was aware that any return would have to wait until “some time” after the publication of his memoirs, which is expected next year”

If this is correct then a key factor for those wanting to bet is the caveat that this would only happen after TMay stands down. That’s understandable given the way that one of her first acts as PM was to sack unceremoniously the then Chancellor George Osborne.

The questions are when is TMay going to go and who will replace her? On the former I’ve long felt that she might wish to hang on a lot longer after Brexit than many are assuming. On the latter I cannot see any of the current favourites – Javid,Johnson, Hunt,Raab, Gove, or Moggsy welcoming the move.

Once you’ve quit and resigned your seat it is hard to contemplate a return. Also in is difficult to envisage Cameron or TMay’s successor being comfortable in a Cabinet where the ex-PM but one is sitting round the table.

Save your money.

Mike Smithson