New polling finds 42% saying the referendum was “unfair and illegitimate” against 38% who say it wasn’t

November 9th, 2018


There’s a new Deltapoll out for the December issue of Prospect which asks a number of Bexit-related questions that I do not think have been highlighted before.

The biggest one is in the heading that more voters think the referendum was “unfair and illegitimate” against 38% who disagree. This perception will surely add to the Government’s political challenges as we get close to the due date.

Martin Boon of DeltaPoll says the polling shows “just how deep is the fault line that Brexit has cut across our politics”:

” The small print of the survey shows that roughly two-thirds of Remainers, in a 64:21 split, look back on the referendum as unfair, but that is almost exactly mirrored by a 63:22 in the other direction among leavers…

…with the Brexit talks entering their fraught final phase, and with so many big questions still up in the air, perhaps we should not be surprised to discover doubts about where the process is headed. Even so, there is no disguising that Britain is getting the jitters: more people than not tell us they’ve doubts about the referendum, and many more people than not think the whole process is weakening the country. Many expect Europe to get by OK without us, and many also expect that before too long we could be asking to go back in.”

The poll also finds 42% saying they think Brexit is “weakening Britain’s voice in the world” against 27% who say it will strengthen it.

All this, I suppose, adds to the pressure for another vote but what else. I still think BINO will be what happens.

Mike Smithson