This could have been the moment that Cameron and his mother ensured Corbyn would one day become PM

December 23rd, 2018

After the referendum Dave’s worst blunder as leader?

Just before Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader in September 2015 I wrote a piece for PB offering Jeremy Corbyn some fashion advice. That piece was inspired by the fact that earlier on that summer I had visited the House of Commons and has seen Jeremy Corbyn living up to the Steptoe Corbyn meme and I wasn’t sure to give Corbyn some loose change.

It wasn’t just me who thought Corbyn had dire fashion tastes, in 2016 British men voted Corbyn as the worst dressed public figure. Corbyn himself referenced his poor fashion choices in this tweet in February 2016.

But since then his fashion sense choices have improved as evidenced in the picture below.

So what triggered this fashion chrysalis in Corbyn? It was David Cameron in the video atop this thread telling Corbyn that his mother would tell Corbyn to ‘put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem’.

Since then Corbyn fashion tastes have improved, it is clear he heeded the advice of the Camerons. He now looks like a Prime Minister in waiting, and who can blame Corbyn for listening to David Cameron, in 2016 the public voted Cameron as the best dressed politician in the country.

If Cameron hadn’t made this intervention I suspect Corbyn’s fashion choices would not have improved and he’d have continued to dress like Harry Enfield’s caricature of Scousers. Now he dresses like a Prime Minister in waiting and a reason why he did so well at the 2017 general election. There’s no way the country would choose a scruff to be Prime Minister.