With Trump under pressure there’s just a possibility that Nancy Pelosi could become President in 2019

December 27th, 2018

Ladbrokes offered me 200/1 on the possibility

This is a remote possibility and the stuff of West Wing but there’s just a chance that the Democrat who’s likely to be elected Speaker of the House next month, Nancy Pelosi, could become president in 2019.

Under the US constitution the House Speaker is second in line to succeed the President after the Vice president and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that events could turn against the incumbent and something untoward happened to Pence.

Trying to bet on this is something challenge. All the next president betting markets are linked to who wins the 2020 White House Race. In any case if Trump was forced out as result then he will be succeeded by Mike Pence the Vice President.

For Pelosi to move into the frame something untoward would have to happen to the V-P.

On Betfair it is currently a 25% chance that Trump will go in 2019 which I guess is about right. He’s looking a lot more vulnerable and is not getting the same backing from his party as before.

Add on then the chances of Pence having to be replaced and the 200/1 on President Pelosi that Ladbrokes quoted me is probably just about value. I’m certainly putting a fiver on.

Mike Smithson