New polling finds that leaving the EU with the deal is the least unpopular of the options facing the UK

January 23rd, 2019

What’s least unpopular might be the way forward

Matt Singh of Number Cruncher Politics and a regular guest on the PB/PollingMatters podcast has just produced the above survey for Bloomberg which finds that of the main options facing the UK leaving with the deal has the highest level of net acceptability.

My chart above is based on his data.

He notes:

“Most polling on the Theresa May’s Brexit deal until now has focussed on which outcome to the process the public would prefer, rather than what they would find acceptable.

Our latest polling for Bloomberg considers both questions and finds that, though the deal is less popular than the two main alternatives, it is both the least unpopular when the outcomes are considered individually, and the least divisive in terms of who finds it acceptable or unacceptable”

From Team Theresa’s perspective this looks like good news.

Mike Smithson