Bad news for Theresa May as ORB brings horrible polling for her

February 5th, 2019

This is going to give succour to the opponents of Mrs May’s deal.

This latest poll from ORB is quite awful for Mrs May as she pretty much unites the country against her over her handling of Brexit, it seems only Piers Morgan is more unpopular than her handling of Brexit. I think the 5% swing in the last month is down to the history making defeat in Parliament her deal suffered.

My expectation is that both sides of the Brexit debate will be further entrenched in their positions and will not be prepared compromise, although I expect the ERG/DUP will not compromise even if the EU removes the backdrop and cedes Calais & the Republic of Ireland back to the United Kingdom.

The law means we exit the European Union next month, my estimation for quite some time is that we’d exit with no deal next month has been around the 75%-80% probability figure, I think I might have lowballed it.