The party whose leader has the worst LOTO ratings on record refuses to accept an anti-Brexit petition

February 11th, 2019

The Corbyn/Milne ambivalence with be remembered

A hour or so ago the anti-Brexit People’s Vote campaign sought to hand in a petition about the leadership’s stance at the LAB party HQ. What happened and filmed by the media might not, with the passage of time, look smart.

Simply to refuse it doesn’t look good especially on a day when it has been revealed that Corbyn’s letter to TMay on the party’s approach forgot. to threaten a referendum.

    This is a super sensitive issue and optics don’t look good.

All this follows a weekend when the biggest polling news was the collapse in Corbyn’s personal Ipsos-MORI ratings which, historically have been a better guide to general election outcomes than the voting intention polls.

Labour’s massive problem is that the leadership is out of step with the vast majority of those who vote for the party.

Mike Smithson