Mayor Pete takes the lead in New Hampshire amongst those nomination contenders younger than 72yo Trump

April 11th, 2019

While we have all been focused on the developments on Brexit there has been a lot of movement in the fight for the Democratic nomination for next year’s White House race. This starts the hot up in a few weeks when the first of the Dem Primary TV debate debates is held.

The big sensation who has been making waves is the 37 year old mayor of a small city in Indiana, Pete Buttigieg who’s come from almost nowhere and is presenting himself as almost the total antidote to Trump. Recent polls have him making running amongst those candidates who are younger than 77 years old Bernie Sanders and 76 year old Joe Biden. The latter pair have very high name recognition and are leading.

Mayor Pete recorded a fourth place in in Massachusetts and California state polls and in the latest one from the first State to hold a full primary, New Hampshire, he is in third position.

A  St. Anselm College poll there  has   Biden leading with 23%,  Sanders at 16%, with Pete Buttigieg at 11%. Behind them  Warren at 9%,  Harris at 7%,  O’Rourke at 6%, Cory Booker at 4% and  Klobuchar at 2%.

All of this will keep his momentum going. The question is will he eventually run out of steam.

Mike Smithson