On Euro election day it looks as though it is all over for the woman whose only crime was to try to implement the referendum without damaging the economy

May 23rd, 2019

With parts of her cabinet now in open revolt it is hard to see how even TMay can now survive.  Today being election day at least gives her breathing space ahead of what has appeared likely for some time.

The Tory obsession with Europe is devouring another leader.

In many ways it would have been better for the party if the July 2016 leadership election had resulted in a leaver taking over the helm of the party though no doubt he or she would have faced the same challenges that TMay has.

When and what the sequencing of events will be has yet to be worked out but we are close to leadership election which could be over before the summer recess.

Will TMay step aside immediately or will she stay in post while a successor is chose? It is hard to see the party in it current mood allowing that. They want her out.

At least the likely terrible performance in today’s election will be overshadowed by what lies ahead.

Mike Smithson