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Betting on WH2016 & Witney plus prospects for a “LD fightback”- all looked at in latest PB/Polling Matters TV Show/ Podcast

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

With the first WH2016 TV debate due to take place next Monday Keiran Pedley (@KeiranPedley), Matthew Shaddick (@Shadsy) of Ladbrokes, and Leo Barasi (@leobarasi ) look at where the race stands and what the mass of polling is suggesting. In the UK the team look at the LDs who’ve just finished their conference and try to assess the chances of a fightback.

With Shadsy on the show there’s a fair amount of focus on the betting particularly on WH2016 and next month’s Witney by-election.

Here’s the audio version podcast.

Mike Smithson


The PB/Polling Matters podcast on the future for LAB & probes whether a Corbyn victory is inevitable

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

On this week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast we continue the new format of the show where each guest picks a polling or elections topic to talk about and the group discuss it.

On this week’s show Keiran Pedley is joined by former BBC journalist and Labour press officer Don Brind who regularly contributes to the PB site and is currently working with Saving Labour on Owen Smith’s leadership campaign. Also joining Keiran is Harry Carr who is a political analyst at Sky News and Head of Sky Data.

Topics covered on today’s show include whether a victory for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Leadership contest is inevitable, what past polling tells us about how Labour might do in a future General Election and recent YouGov polling on what the public think that Brexit should mean (even if Theresa May won’t tell us).

You can follow each guest on today’s show at

Don’t forget to subscribe to the PB/Polling Matters podcast on iTunes or Android and to leave a rating or review. And for those keen on following polling data on twitter @SkyData is well worth looking at.


The summer of political turmoil continues: A look back and look forward in latest PB/Polling Matters Podcast

Thursday, July 28th, 2016


On the agenda for Keiran Pedley this week:-

  • Should May call an early general election?
  • Corbyn’s battle to hang onto his job
  • Have the Tories become the long-term opposition the to the SNP in Scotland?
  • Can Trump beat Clinton
  • Keiran is joined by two specialist political pollsters: Katy Owen, formerly a Senior Project Manager at Survation and now Programme Manager at Common Vision and Adam Drummond, Head of Political Polling at Opinium.

    You can follow Adam on twitter at @AGKD123 and Katy at @KatyCHOwen.


    After another massive political 7 days in the UK & US it’s time to reflect with the latest PB/Polling Matters TV Show

    Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

    The scale and pace of political events is simply breath-taking with PM May’s first PMQs, the LAB leadership race now down to two with campaigning just ratcheting up and, of course, the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Examining all of this: Keiran Pedley is in the chair with Lord Stewart Wood, the Labour peer and Oxford academic, and Conor Pope of LabourList

    The audio podcast is here:

    Mike Smithson


    On the day Chilcot was published the latest PB/Polling Matters podcast looks at the legacy of Iraq & asks whether Theresa May is now unstoppable

    Wednesday, July 6th, 2016


    On this week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast Keiran and Rob discuss the legacy of Iraq on British politics and the latest on the Tory leadership contest. This episode includes a detailed discussion on recent YouGov polling that shows Theresa May in a commanding position and Keiran argues that the Tories should consider crowning the Home Secretary as Prime Minister early. Meanwhile, the team discuss whether a Labour MP that supported the Iraq War can really hope to lead the Labour Party and what that says about the attempted Labour coup against Jeremy Corbyn.

    You can follow Keiran on twitter at @keiranpedley and Rob at @robvance


    The PB/Polling Matters podcast: Reflecting on the longest week in politics that just about anybody can remember

    Thursday, June 30th, 2016

    Big Ben

    On this week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast Keiran Pedley and Leo Barasi try and make sense of what has happened in the past week – as news of Theresa May’s poll lead over Boris Johnson and Michael Gove’s decision to stand for Tory leader breaks all around them. They discuss why Britain decided to leave the EU, the polling, who will be the next Prime Minister and what now for the Labour Party.

    You can follow Keiran on twitter at @keiranpedley and Leo at @leobarasi


    A special referendum election morning PB/Polling Matters podcast

    Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

    In this shorter than usual version of the show, Keiran Pedley spends 15 minutes breaking down the eve of referendum polls and giving his thoughts on the campaign, what to expect on the day and what happens next.


    The polling that suggests Corbyn is unassailable discussed in the latest PB/Polling Matters podcast

    Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


    What is the future for Labour?

    On this week’s show, Keiran and Rob analyse YouGov’s recent polling of Labour members and what’s behind Jeremy Corbyn’s seemingly unassailable position as Labour leader. They also address the apparent limitations of such polling as described by pollster James Morris in today’s Times and what this poll tells us (and doesn’t tell us) about the future of the Labour Party. Meanwhile, the Polling Matters team also look at the continued difference between what online and telephone polls say about the upcoming EU referendum and debate how Leave can win.

    (The podcast remains audio only this week whilst TipTV finalise their studio move. We expect to return to the TV studio next week).

    You can follow Keiran on twitter at @keiranpedley and Rob and @robvance.