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The PB/Polling Matters Podcast: Labour’s re-brand & why 2017 won’t be all plain sailing for Mrs. May

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

On the first PB/Polling Matters podcast of 2017 Keiran discusses the future of the Labour Party with the General Secretary of the Fabian Society Andrew Harrop. They discuss Corbyn’s recent rebrand as a left-wing populist and Labour’s mounting problems including Scotland, Brexit and the daunting electoral math faced in Westminster ahead of the presumed General Election in 2020 (and what to do about it). Keiran also takes us through some recent polling and explains why he thinks 2017 will be a tough year for Theresa May, regardless of the Labour Party.

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You can read the Fabians report referenced in today’s podcast here 


The final PB/Polling Matters Podcast of 2016: Looking back at an incredible and unpredictable political year

Saturday, December 10th, 2016


On this week’s episode of the PB/Polling Matters show Keiran Rob and Leo look back at 2016 and discuss the results from the recent survey of PB/Polling Matters listeners where more than 600 people took part. We discuss what our biggest shock of 2016 was, who the biggest winners and losers were and our defining moments of 2016. We also take some time to read out some comments from listeners and mull over what 2017 might bring.

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A big thanks to all our listeners in 2016 for all of their lovely comments! Here is to 2017!

Keiran Pedley


Taking stock of 2016. What do you think were the biggest events of this extraordinary political year?

Monday, December 5th, 2016


Take the survey in advance of this week’s PB/Polling Matters Podcast

Ahead of this week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast the team have come up with a short survey so that readers of PB can give their thoughts on the biggest winners, losers, shocks and moments from the past year.

Also, perhaps controversially, there is a question in the survey on who people think has been the PB poster of the year.

To take part please click here.

Results will be read out on this weeks show which is due, as usual midweek.

PS. All answers will be anonymous unless you leave your name. Then we may read out the best comments on the show. It’s up to you.

Keiran Pedley


The PB/Polling Matters podcast: Now two years old and heading for 1m+ downloads

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

Big Ben

The best analysis & insight on the latest political polling

With this latest PB/Polling Matters podcast the development, pioneered by pollster Keiran Pedley, is two years old during which time there have been more than 900k downloads with the million mark not that far off.

PB began collaborating with Keiran a few months after the launch and since then this has become a key part in the overall site offerings.

On this week’s anniversary edition Keiran is joined by regular contributor Rob Vance and US Democratic Pollster (and one half of ‘The Pollsters’ podcast) Margie Omero.

Keiran, Rob and Margie look again at the US presidential election, Trump’s latest tweets and who to watch out for on the Democrat side looking ahead to 2020.

Later in the show Keiran and Rob talk about Paul Nuttall’s election as leader of UKIP and Keiran looks at today’s ICM poll and explains why Labour focusing on the threat from UKIP may be missing the point.

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Mike Smithson


The PB/Polling Matters Podcast: Why Trump won and what’ll he do in his first 100 days

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016


On this week’s PB/Polling Matters podcast Keiran is joined once more by White House Correspondent and US political analyst Jon-Christopher Bua.

Jon-Christopher gives his verdict on why Trump won, what went wrong for the Clinton campaign and what happens next with a specific focus on President Trump’s first 100 days.

Later in the show Keiran gives his perspective on what happened with the polls and where pundits went wrong.

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After a dramatic night the PB/Polling Matters team analyse Trump’s extraordinary victory

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

It’s 6.30am on Wednesday 9th November and Donald Trump is heading for victory and will soon become the next president-elect of the United States.

Keiran and Leo discuss how it happened, what it means and what comes next.

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Mike Smithson


As WH2016 moves into the final straight the PB/Polling Matters team looks at the polling & what might happen

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016


Is it getting closer and could there be a big surprise?

In this week’s episode of the PB/Polling Matters podcast Keiran Pedley (@keiranpedley), Leo Barasi (@leobarasi) and Rob Vance (@robvance) look at the latest US election polling and discuss whether the they are tightening.

Keiran explains why he is less relaxed about a Clinton victory than the others. The discussion then turns to the electoral college and discuss key states to look out for next Tuesday including Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The podcast ends with a look ahead to what happens after next week, whoever wins.

Mike Smithson


Betting on WH2016 & Witney plus prospects for a “LD fightback”- all looked at in latest PB/Polling Matters TV Show/ Podcast

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

With the first WH2016 TV debate due to take place next Monday Keiran Pedley (@KeiranPedley), Matthew Shaddick (@Shadsy) of Ladbrokes, and Leo Barasi (@leobarasi ) look at where the race stands and what the mass of polling is suggesting. In the UK the team look at the LDs who’ve just finished their conference and try to assess the chances of a fightback.

With Shadsy on the show there’s a fair amount of focus on the betting particularly on WH2016 and next month’s Witney by-election.

Here’s the audio version podcast.

Mike Smithson