Could Michael Crick affect the Lib Dem betting?

Could Michael Crick affect the Lib Dem betting?

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    What’s he got to report about the Lib Dem favourite?

A story running on Guido’s blog suggests that there is a less than flattering report about Chris Huhne on Newsnight on BBC2 this evening. It is said to be by Michael Crick who has built up a reputation for digging up things from the past of politicians.

Indeed one of the great jokes is “Q. What are the five most terrifying words in the English language. A. Michael Crick is in reception”.

Who knows what or whether Crick has anything? We will just have to wait and see.

Whether anything could now have an impact on the election is a moot point. Most Lib Dem members are said to have voted.

Chris Huhne’s best price is currently at 0.79/1.

Update. This is on Newsnight’s web-site:

Michael Crick seeks out the Third Man. Who is Chris Huhne, of the trio of Lib Dem leadership candidates? What does he believe in? What are his passions? And does he have any noisy skeletons rattling away in his wardrobe?

Mike Smithson

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