Two years of

Two years of

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Tomorrow marks the second birthday of PB.C. Thanks to everybody for their support and for making the site what it is.

Thanks to my son Robert for handling and maintaining the technical side and his fiance, Lucille for the design. Thanks to Philip Grant (Book Value and one of the first people ever to comment here) for being the stand-in editor and thanks to those who are helping keep PB.C a seven day operation by providing articles and commentaries. Thanks also to Paul Maggs for handling our competitions.

The first post, on March 27th 2004, was on the future of Charles Kennedy and attracted just three comments.

For those who, like me, bet on political outcomes I hope that the site has helped you make some money. For everybody this has become a place where, for most of the time, people of all allegiances can discuss outsomes in a reasonably civilised way.

Mike Smithson

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