PBC on Radio 4’s “The World at One”

PBC on Radio 4’s “The World at One”

media-radiomike.gifBBC Radio 4’s “World at One” are planning a feature on political betting and PBC during the holiday period – probably during the “slow news” period between Christmas and the New Year.

I recorded a longish discussion a couple of days ago on the past twelve months and what’s likely to be coming up in 2007 – “will there be a Brown Bounce and if so will it be sustained?“; “how will French presidential battle turn out?“and “which candidates will emerge in the US for the 2008 race?

Looking back what was interesting to me was that the biggest political betting event of 2006 was something that no one would really have predicted – the Italian election in April. That was the night, for me, when the site came into its own.

Whether I get told when the World at One feature will be going out I do not know – but I’ll post something as soon as I get any news.

Mike Smithson

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