The French Election competition results

The French Election competition results

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    Mister Chip cruises home in 1st Round Competition

Following the drama of the first round of the French Presidential election, the results of the competition on can now be confirmed. Strictly speaking the contest will await ratification of the election results by the Constitutional Council, but the Interior Ministry figures would have to be very inaccurate to change the outcome of the competition, and this is extremely unlikely to be the case.

Given the first round results of Sarkzoy 31.2%, Royal 25.9, Bayrou 18.6 and Le Pen 10.4, with Sarkozy’s 49.74% in New Caledonia the highest vote in any département, the competition scores are as show above.

A full listing of the results is available France 2007 1st Round

Comparing the results to the average predictions, Sarkozy was underestimated by 4.2%, Royal underestimated by 2.4%, Bayrou was underestimated by 0.6%, while Le Pen was overestimated by 7.5%. The tie-breaker was on average overestimated by 14.1%, although it was not needed to split any players until 14th place.

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