Could this body cause Gord to delay an election?

Could this body cause Gord to delay an election?

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    What if a million people were unable to vote?

One of the issues that is emerging about an early election is coming from the Association of Election Administrators – the body that represents those charged with running elections.

Their chief executive, John Turner, has been popping up everywhere in the past twenty four hours making the same points – that because of the administrative arrangements it might be difficult staging a general election where those entitled to vote can vote.

The updated electoral register covering those who had moved recently or have just turned 18 years old is not going to be ready until December 1. On top of that, surprisingly, returning officers had not been identified for newly changed constituencies which will come into effect in England and Wales.

There were also problems with computer checks on postal votes in May’s local elections which, it is believed, would be multiplied “several times over” in a general election when, clearly, there is a far bigger turnout.

Quite what to make of this I do not know but Turner’s message is getting through.

If Gordon decides to go then he want it to happen immediately while Labour still has the momentum and it might be hard to do so in the face of this advice.

Mike Smithson

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