A week to go…and some other items

A week to go…and some other items

NLC.JPGAll those who enjoying coming to the site, and not just those who post, will be most welcome at the fourth PBC party a week tonight.

Once again it will be held at the National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London SW1A 2HE. The date – Friday 25th January 2008, from 6pm until about 9.30pm, or when thrown out if sooner.

There will be a cash bar and a £5 entry charge, payable on the door, as a contribution towards sandwiches and nibbles. Ladbrokes have donated £150 towards the event, thanks to the influence of regular poster Matthew Shaddick (Shadsy) of The Magic Sign.

Since it is pay on the door, no firm commitments are necessary but it would be helpful if you could give an indication if you are intending to come. We have worked on the basis of about 50 attendees, but if it looks like being much more or less, we may want to alter arrangements. Name tags showing stage names will be available but are strictly optional.

Thanks to Peter the Punter (Peter Smith) and Augustus Carp for the work they have done setting this up

Well done Ipsos-Mori: Last Saturday I had a bit of a rant about the way non-voting intention questions are reported. It will be recalled that the commissioning newspaper, the Sun, was making a big deal about Brown’s ratings as a PM in a poll that had his party 10% behind. The reason was that the voting figures are just based on those who are certain to turnout while the other questions related to everybody in the survey.

In its detailed data the pollster has now included comparative data and on all the questions, bar who would be best in a crisis, Cameron beat Brown amongst the group on who the voting share figures were based.

Politicalbetting point gets raised in Parliament. The CentreRight CONHome off-shoot had a piece by MP Greg Hands earlier in the week based on a story here about the unusual betting on the afternoon Gordon U-turned on the November 1st election. He wanted to know what the rules were about “insider trading” and got back a fairly inadequate answer.

Sean Fear’s Friday Slot will not be appearing this week.

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