YouGov Tory lead cut to 22%

YouGov Tory lead cut to 22%


    Labour nudge up two points from their record low

The second of the night’s opinion polls, from YouGov for the Sunday Times, shows a small improvement for Labour on the last survey from the firm at the end of May.

The latest figures with changes on that poll are: CON 47% (nc): LAB 25% (+2): LD 18% (nc). The fieldwork took place on Thursday and Friday – important because it was on Thursday that David Davis made his big announcement.

The poll follows the ComRes survey for the Independent on Sunday which had with changes on an earlier poll from the pollsters two weeks ago – CON 44% (nc): LAB 26% (-4): LD 17% (+1). The firm reported a big split between those who were polled before David made his statement and those afterwards.

Whatever all the polls seem to be showing Labour in the 20s and the Tories in the 40s – figures which would produce a landslide majority for David Cameron.

One other question from the poll asked “The conservative shadow home secretary, David Davis, has resigned as an MP in order to fight a by-election in his constituency on the issue of 42 days. Which of these statements comes closer to your view?”
‘He is doing it mainly as a genuine act of principle in order to defend civil liberties’ 29%
‘He is doing it mainly as a cynical ploy to help the Conservative party and his own career’ 41%

Although I don’t like the phrasing of the alternatives the message is fairly clear.

Mike Smithson

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