Will the Obama text campaign help get the vote out?

Will the Obama text campaign help get the vote out?


    How the VP announcement might win more votes

As we wait for the Obama VP announcement it’s perhaps worth looking at why his campaign has said that the name will be announced first to all those who have registered their mobile phone numbers so that they can receive a text message.

    For a key strategy is to collect as many such numbers as possible in order to help the campaign in the final few hours before and during voting on November 4th when GOTV (get out the vote) could make all the difference between success and failure.

For according to the New York Times a study last year showed that those who were sent text messages reminders just before polling day were 4.2% more likely to vote.

But the Obama campaign plan goes well beyond hoping that those who have registered will vote. For they will be encouraged to forward the reminder to their friends, familiy and others they think might support the Illinois Senator.

It’s this cascading that could make this a very powerful force – especially amongst young voters who are less likely to turn out.

Obama running mate betting.

Mike Smithson

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