Continuation thread: Will Palin hit it out of the ballpark?

Continuation thread: Will Palin hit it out of the ballpark?

    How will the big VP acceptance speech be received?

Sarah Palin will tonight accept her party’s nomination for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. The big headline speakers leading up to her keynote address will be three of the men whom John McCain beat in the primaries: Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Giuliani. Also speaking are three of the women whom we suggested might be his selection for VP: Meg Whitman (CEO, Ebay), Carly Fiorina (CEO, HP) and Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle. No doubt they will be celebrating the historic first – a woman on the Presidential ballot for the GOP – but each of these accomplished speakers will need to make sure that they do not overshadow the VP nominee.

I think that, alongside her the first major TV press conference, this will rank as the most important public appearance of her candidacy. If she performs to her potential, she could thwart all the questions being asked about her character and experience. If she gives a less-than-satisfactory performance, she could cause irreparable damage to the Republican ticket.

I will struggle to stay awake until the beginning of the speech at approximately 3:30 am (British Summer Time), so have put up this thread. Please be patient with the moderation box overnight.

Mike has also asked me to note that if Palin is formally nominated this evening, then the bookmakers should pay out, even in the unlikely event of her stepping down at a later date (as has been suggested). Most contracts refer to the person nominated at the conventions, not the person who is included on the ballot papers in November.

Enjoy the evening!!


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