Four more resignations after the conference?

Four more resignations after the conference?


    News of the World reports more bad news to come for Brown

As the Labour Conference gets underway and the party tries to present a united front, there is more bad news for the PM today, with the News of the World reporting that four more members of the government are preparing to resign.

The paper says that two of the four are mid-ranking ministers and two are ministerial assistants, although their identities have not been hinted at – they are expected to quit while Brown is in New York for the world economic forum.

    ‘One of the rebels told us: “We have to let Gordon have the conference and say his piece, but I believe nothing will have changed in a week. We need to make another statement and take action before we are wiped out in the Glenrothes by-election in November.” ‘

There has been plenty of media coverage today – the Brown interview with Andrew Marr is here while the Daily Politics with Clarke, Prescott and Polly Toynbee is here, with live streaming from the conference available here.

Finally, Ladbrokes have opened up markets on Brown’s conference speech, with Darling a 2-1 favourite to be the first name mentioned.

UPDATE: Jon Craig at Sky says a Cabinet reshuffle is on the way (hat-tip ChrisD)

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