A PB race-horse syndicate??

A PB race-horse syndicate??

A note from Peter the Punter

One of our regular posters, Andrew Woodman [Woody 622], has contacted me with the suggestion that a number of PBers may be interested in forming a Syndicate to lease a racehorse. The Syndicate he has in mind is organised under the title of Koo’s racing club, and full details may be obtained from the website www.koos-racing-club.com

We have a particular horse in mind. It is an unraced two year old bay gelding by Xaar out of Amanda Louise. Naming it will be one of the first tasks of the nascent Syndicate. Suggestions (sensible ones) will be welcome. It should be ready to race in March or April so prompt responses will be helpful.

The cost is £22.99 per week for a 5% share. Alternatively a share can be bought for £500 plus £19.99, but I do not recommend this as it involves decisions as to what to do with the horse when its racing career is over. I am taking a single lease share myself. For those who would like to take part but don’t want to take a full share, I can perhaps organise part shares, as long as the amounts are not ridiculously small, when the admin grows out of all proportion to costs.

The horse will be trained by Brian Ellison at Malton in Yorkshire. Stable visits are encouraged so anybody living locally would have the opportunity to see the horse in training as well as on the racetrack. Brian is a well known and respected trainer and I am sure he will give the horse every opportunity to develop whatever ability it has. The indications are that the horse is ‘forward’, so an early campaign is planned.

Anybody who knows anything about racing will appreciate that horse ownership usually loses you money, but it is a lot of fun and there is always the chance of finding a bargain. By spreading the Syndicate costs in the way envisaged, it is possible for the likes of me and, I hope, other PBers to indulge their interest in this exciting sport at an affordable cost.

If you think you may be interested, drop me an email at the usual address: arklebar@talktalk.net I will be pleased to hear from you.

Warm regards

Peter the Punter
[Peter Smith]

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