Will ICM have any good news for Gord?

Will ICM have any good news for Gord?

..and congratulations to Roger on his Oscar performance

Once again the long-standing PB contributor, Roger, produced a near perfect set of predictions on the Oscar winners and those who followed his tips made themselves a bit of money. This followed a similar record in 2008. This is getting to become a habit.

The challenge this year was that there was so little value in the betting.

But as is always said a winning odds-on bet is worth a whole lot more than a loser at a long price.

Meanwhile the results of the latest poll in the longest series in the UK media, the ICM February survey, for the Guardian, should be out tonight. The last poll from the firm on the Sunday before last had C40-L28-LD22 – the smallest Tory total of any poll so far during 2009. How’s that going to look?

There will also be a lot of interest in the Lib Dem figure. Will they still be in the low 20s We shall see. Unless the paper decided to hold it over for a day we should get the news by 8.30 pm.

Political betting markets.

  • The cartoon, as ever is by Marf. More of her work can be found at LondonSketchbook.com.
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