Update on the PB Racehorse Syndicate

Update on the PB Racehorse Syndicate

A note from Peter the Punter

A few weeks back I floated here the idea of a PB racehorse syndicate and I am glad to say that there were enough responses to justify going ahead. The horse in question is currently unnamed but is likely to be called either Political Punter or Tsar Louis (being by Xaar out of Amanda Louise).

It is apparently very forward in its training and is therefore likely to be racing soon, quite possibly at the first meeting of the flat season at Doncaster on 28th March.

If anybody is still interested in signing up, shares are still available. One share has been subdivided to cater for those wishing to subscribe for less than the full £22.99 per week, so if you would like to take an interest for just a few quid a week, let me know and it should be possible to accommodate you. Further details are available on request.

The original article appeared here and the Syndicate Organiser’s website here. .

Whether you take an interest or not, you are certain to hear more of the adventures of Political Punter/Tsar Louis on this Site, especially if it ever gets its head in front. Wish us all luck!

All the best

Peter the Punter (aka Peter Smith and contactable at arklebar@talktalk.net)

February 25th 2009

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