MEMO to Nick Clegg: Look at these

MEMO to Nick Clegg: Look at these

Is this why the LD priority should be attacking Brown?

Well done to the Sunday Times for making the detail from today’s YouGov poll available immediately. I wish all newspapers would do the same instead of us, in most cases, having to wait two or three days. You can download the spreadsheet from the link here.

In view of the discussion on Lib Dem strategy I’ve clipped the above numbers showing the party splits on the Cameron and Brown approval ratings. Look at the views of Lib Dem voters. I don’t recall ever seeing the split being so much to Cameron and so much against Brown.

My firm view is that Clegg has to ride the anti-Brown/Labour sentiment with the same force that Ashdown rode that anti-Major/Tories mood in 1996/97. There was no equi-distance in that election.

General Election Betting – Lib Dem Seats.

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