Is this a platform that Gord can win from?

Is this a platform that Gord can win from?

Are we underestimating his resilience and cunning?

Well we are here. The end of of the G20 and an agreement from which Brown can take a lot of credit and might, just might, provide the basis that gives him just a chance of holding on.

Regular PBers will know that I’m not always the PM’s biggest fan but I’ve been struck by Brown’s resolve and determination over the G20. For months he has made this day in London’s docklands his total focus and he will, no doubt, be given much of the credit for the agreement.

If, as the world economy improves, then this G20 agreement and Brown’s single-mindedness might be seen as having played a major role. April 2nd 2009 could come to be regarded as his finest hour.

The question is whether it will boost Labour in the polls and in the party’s performance at the June Euro Elections.

Whatever I think that the coming election is going to test Brown and Cameron to an extent that we have not seen in modern times. I still think that Labour will lose power but don’t write off Gordon.

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