So what is the big story of London April 1-2 2009?

So what is the big story of London April 1-2 2009?

Has the Times got this one right?

Here’s a selection of front pages after a dramatic news day in London. There are so many angles that it’s hard to pick up a coherent thread yet I wonder whether in historical significance the Times highlights the most important story – the Obama and Medvedev statement on nuclear stockpiles.

In the UK, of course, everything is looked at in the context of something that has only happened once in the past thirty years – a general election that might bring a change of government. This is barely a year away and colours everything.

Will the events of these two days provide a platform that might give Brown’s Labour a chance of holding on or is the mood for change so strong that there is only one possible outcome to the coming battle?

Certainly being seen to have instigated such a massive gathering like this on home soil should be provide a boost for the incumbent. – but will there be one and how long will it be sustained?

Could it be that in just over a year’s time as we reflect on the election outcome that we’ll look back on these two days and see them as the turning point?

That hope is what’s under-pinned Brown’s determination to make this event a success and who can blame him? My main observation is that he night just have been putting too much emphasis on this at the expense of other key issues that have the potential to be the drivers of change.

In terms of the big picture for the world what leading members of his cabinet put on their expenses claims might seem trivial – but this could be what determines whether or not electors, particularly Labour ones, bother to vote. The “plague on all your houses” mood hurts the government more than anybody else.

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