Goodwin pension backers – don’t get excited?

Goodwin pension backers – don’t get excited? February 27 2009

Is he going to continue to resist?

According to a Daily Telegraph report this morning there was apparently good news for those who took the 6/1 bet that the former RBS boss, Sir Fred Goodwin will accept a cut in his much publicised pension entitlement. The bet was that he will either do so voluntarily or be forced to do so by the end of the year.

It’s the bank’s AGM later today and clearly the new chairman would have to say something given the level of publicity and criticism that this has attracted.

Well after the first story I checked back on my vouchers and started contemplating quite a nice pay-day. It looks, though, like this might a have been premature. A report on SkyNews a few minutes ago seemed to rule out any voluntary reduction.

The next hope for Goodwin punters is that the government might take some direct action over the £700,000 a year pension that the 50 year old Goodwin will get for the rest of his life. There have been hints of something in the budget.

The other similar bet to this that I’ve got is on Tony Mcnulty’s housing allowance. This is being looked at by the parliamentary commissioner and I’ve got 5/1 on him having to pay some of it back.

All good fun provided you’ve got reasonable odds in the first place.

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