YouGov shows almost no change since Friday

YouGov shows almost no change since Friday


CON 45(nc) LAB 27(nc) LD 17(-1)

At least for Gord it is not getting any worse

News is now coming through of the new YouGov poll which is showing almost exactly the same party shares as in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph. The only difference being a oine point decline for the Lib Dems. The poll has been commissioned by the Sunday People.

Interestingly like in the earlier YouGov poll there’s broad support for the specific budget measures. The problem is that Labour has not been able to convert that into something that changes the polling position.

Maybe we’ve reached a point where there’s little that Labour can do. Voters want change. That certainly seems to be the picture that is developing.

Hopefully there will be a ComRes poll on Monday night.

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