How does this compare with Dave & Gord?

How does this compare with Dave & Gord?

Wasn’t Tony rougher and ruder?

Lots of comment today about Cameron’s approach to PMQs and his concentration on Brown’s leadership style rather than specific policies. But how new is this? Isn’t this exactly what Tony Blair did to John Major in the run-up to the 1997 general election?

This is surely all part of the process? The idea is to so demoralise your opponent and his party that that of itself will create more problem and hopefully, from Cameron’s point of view, create more questions about Brown’s leadership. Gordon is great at the set-pieces but facing questioning is not his strong point. You exploit your opponent’s weaknesses just as Tony Blair did thirteen years ago.

In addition today, of course, we saw Nick Clegg on fine form as well which only added to the pressure.

Does it all have an impact? Well experience of the 96/97 period of the relentless attacks by Blair all added to the image of a government that was past its sell be date and probably helped with the election. The same could now happen.

The problem for Labour is that it has a leader who was not even battle-hardened by having to fight for the job. But they thought it right to give a coronation. What you sow is what you reap.

Mike Smithson

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