Is this why a Brown-led Labour will get slaughtered?

Is this why a Brown-led Labour will get slaughtered?

Is Gord just too inflexible for the modern age?

A few weeks ago (before Smeargate) I bumped into an old mate who is now part of the team at Brown Central. He said he knew I wasn’t a great fan of Brown but what did I think of his man’s chances?

I responded by saying that I thought Brown would get slaughtered in a general election campaign simply because he wasn’t nimble enough. In these days of 24/7 media coverage “speed kills”. You had to be able to recognise the issue, formulate your response fast, and then get it out.

My reading of Brown was that while he was good at the set-pieces he simply did not have it in him to cope with the fast-changing dynamics of an election campaign.

Well I think the past 48 hours have proved my point. Just contrast the opening PEBs by Labour and the Tories for the June 4th elections. The latter recognises what the big issue that people are talking about is – the former one doesn’t. And unless what you are saying chimes with what people are thinking then it is just a massive wasted opportunity.

Brown – based on the evidence of these two PEBs – is a dead man walking.

Would an Alan Johnson-led Labour be any different. My guess is that it would.

Mike Smithson

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