Could Harriet be the next one out?

Could Harriet be the next one out?

What do we think of the new PaddyPower market?

PaddyPower have got a new market up on which from a list of Cabinet minister will be the next to resign/get sacked. These are the options and opening prices:-

David Miliband – 13/8
Gordon Brown – 7/4
Alistair Darling – 4/1
Alan Johnson – 6/1
Ed Balls – 8/1
Harriet Harman – 12/1
Jack Straw – 14/1
Lord Mandelson – 16/1

This is quite hard but I’ve put a little bet on Harriet because of all of those on the list she’s probably the most independent-minded and you could see her being a key mover when the time is right.

Harriet, of course, is the elected deputy leader of the party which makes her a lot harder for Brown to deal with. She owes that position to fighting an election and winning – an exercise that the author of “Courage” went to great lengths to avoid.

Harriet, of course, managed to stop Mandelson over the weekend by threatening to resign from the cabinet.

She’s spirited and is coming out of Labour leadership crisis as well a anybody. She could be the one to move.

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