Is this really going to take place?

Is this really going to take place?

What about the 7/4 bet that it won’t happen?

Long-standing poster, Alex, made what I think was an astute comment on the leaders’ debates on an earlier thread.

He wrote: “The leader debates won’t happen IMO. The fact that all three leaders have agreed “in principle” is not a novel occurrence. They often agree in principle, knowing that the legal and logistical minefield is always likely to be insurmountable.”

They all want different things. Brown wants “one to ones” starting now on specific issues while Cameron likes the US-style approach nearer to the election date with all three of them there.

The SNP have been making it clear about their desire to be involved in debates that are broadcast in their part of the UK and there’s talk of legal action.

I wonder whether Cameron’s going along with the idea because he thinks that’s the most popular stance to take but he’s hoping it will all fall flat. After all as the front-runner he has most to lose.

I quite like the 7/4 bet that Ladbrokes is offering on the there not being a debate. The terms of the bet – “NO live televised debate between the three main UK party leaders to happen before the next General Election” seem not to be compatible with what Brown has been saying.

So you could get two way debates but unless all three main leaders with involved at the same time then you would be a winner.

I’m on.

Mike Smithson

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