Is it all change in the Labour leadership race?

Is it all change in the Labour leadership race?

Have Johnson and Miliband (D) become less likely?

With Alan Johnson not having too good a time of it after his sacking Professor David Nutt and the increased speculation over David Miliband going for the EU job the two who have both been favourites at various times have moved out in the betting.

Johnson has sounded truly awful over the Nutt issue – his interview on SkyNews this morning was hardly that of a man who you could see as a prime minister or even an opposition leader. When up against it he comes over badly.

First to act has been Ladbrokes which now has Johnson out at 3/1 with Ed Miliband now installed as the 5/1 second favourite.

The other bookies have been less quick to change and you may get value there.

The big question remains: will Gordon Brown remain in the job and if not who would be best placed to take over. Clearly a post-general election contest would be very different.

Next Labour leader betting

Ladbrokes: 3/1 Johnson: 5/1 Miliband (E): 6/1 Harman: 6/1 Miliband (D): 10/1 Mandelson

PaddyPower: 7/4 Johnson: 6/1 Miliband (E): 7/1 Harman: 5/1 Miliband (D): 9/1 Mandelson

Victor Chandler: 2/1 Johnson: 6/1 Miliband (E): 13/2 Harman: 4/1 Miliband (D): 8/1 Mandelson

Mike Smithson

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