The “Super Six Predictions” part 3

The “Super Six Predictions” part 3

This is the third and final part of the general election constituency bets by half a dozen regulars who call themselves, with appropriate modesty, The PB Super Six.

Thanks to Peter the Punter and ScottP for getting this together.

The one I like is Norwich South where the incumbent is Charles Clarke – the former home secretary and long-standing Gordon Brown critic. Look how we have four separate views of the outcome.

This is the Norwich South 2005 notional result from the Rallings and Thrasher “official list” – Lab 15,275 (37.40%); LD 12,252 (30.00%); C 8,917 (21.83%); Green 3,032 (7.42%); Others 770 (1.89%); UKIP 596 (1.46%)

There’s also Aberdeen South where there are bets on three parties. There are no boundary changes in Scotland and this was the 2005 result. Begg (Lab) 15,272 (36.69%); Harris (LD) 13,924 (33.45%); Whyte (C) 7,134 (17.14%); Watt (SNP) 4,120 (9.90%); Reekie (Green) 768 (1.85%); Munro (SSP) 403 (0.97%).

Mike Smithson

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