Has the PBR changed the media narrative?

Has the PBR changed the media narrative?

Your papers Mr. Darling

Here is a selection is selection of today’s front pages from Sky News and the coverage is almost universally negative for Mr. Darling and for the government.

The only paper that seeks to put a positive slant on it is the ultra-loyal Daily Mirror which has been doing this for the party for decades.

If this was meant to be the platform to launch Labour’s election campaign then the best that can be said is that it was, in that wonderful phrase “less than optimal”.

Quite whether the media has caught the public mood we shall have to wait.

A real danger for ministers is that the narrative that had swung against Mr. Cameron might move back again.

My view is that Brown will not dare risk another set-piece like this again before the election – the dangers of more negative headlines is just too great.

I’m now moving into the pre-budget general election timing camp – and March 25th looks that bit more likely.

Mike Smithson

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