Another poll has the Lib Dems in second place

Another poll has the Lib Dems in second place


ComRes: S Mirror & Indy on Sunday Apr 17 Apr 13
LIB DEMS 29% 21%
LABOUR 27% 29%
ICM Sunday Telegraph Apr 15 Apr 11
LIB DEMS 27% 20%
LABOUR 29% 31%

But can Labour rely on the UNS?

The polling excitement continues with a second poll showing that the Lib Dems have over-hauled Labour to move into second place. Also there’s an ICM poll where the fieldwork was carried out before the debate which has a seven point jump in the Lib Dem total.

We’ve got several other polls due and the big question is whether they have the same broad picture.

What’s clear is that the debate, and more importantly the reporting of it, is having a dramatic impact on voting intention just nineteens days before a general election.

This really does take us into uncharted territory and I am highly sceptical about the UNS seat projections. Who knows?

Whatever this will add dramatically to jitters within the blue team and the reds as well.

The last thing Labour wants is for the yellows to be seen as the best way of stopping the Tories.

Earlier today I bought the Lib Dem at 76 seats on the spreads and placed a hefty bet on the party on the Betfair line market.

  • Polling template: I’ve now adjusted it to put the Liberal Democrats of second position
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