BPIX “has the Lib Dems in the lead”

BPIX “has the Lib Dems in the lead”

BPIX – Mail on Sunday Apr 17 Apr 10
LIB DEMS 32% 20%
LABOUR 28% 31%

According to reports on SkyNews the Mail on Sunday’s pollster, BPIX/YouGov, has the Lib Dems in the lead.

This is a sensational development and will add further to the woes at Cameron Towers.

BPIX/YouGov, as I say every-time a survey comes out, operates on the YouGov platform using the YouGov panel but, one assumes, has its own methodology. Alas the firm does not follow the industry standard transparency rules and we cannot comment for certain about their approach.

Mike Smithson

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