Is it simply that Clegg’s the tallest?

Is it simply that Clegg’s the tallest?

Should we follow the old American “rule”

There’s an old adage about US presidential elections which has been magnified since TV debates started in 1960 – the tallest contender generally ends up winning the election

I wonder whether the affect could be happening here. Did Clegg’s stature give him an edge last Thursday night and might that be a good pointer to May 6th?

Looking forward to the next debate Thursday PaddyPower has a tricast market – you forecast the order in the which the post-debate polling will rate them. If you think it will be the same again it’s 11/8 against Clegg/Cameron/Brown. If you think that Cameron will pip Clegg then it’s 15/8 against Cameron/Clegg/Brown.

Mike Smithson

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