The pre-debate cartoon from Marf + more polls

The pre-debate cartoon from Marf + more polls

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TNS-BRMB sees 8 point LD boost

A new poll from face-to-face pollster TNS-BRMB is just out and has figures broadly in line with the rest. Please note that perhaps a third 12% of the fieldwork took place BEFORE the debate.

TNS-BRMB Apr 20 Apr 13
LIB DEMS 30% 22%
LABOUR 29% 33%

Tories back in the lead with YouGov

YouGov Daily Poll – Sun Apr 21 Apr 20
LIB DEMS 31% 34%
LABOUR 27% 26%

Labour drop to 25 in the ComRes roly-poly poll

The following are the results from YESTERDAY in the latest rolling poll from ComRes in which a fresh sample of 500 are interviewed and their views aggregated with those of the previous day. For some reason we have to wait almost 24 hours before these numbers are made public – slightly odd in a fast moving election campaign.

ComRes: ITV news/Indy Apr 20 Apr 19
LIB DEMS 27% 26%
LABOUR 25% 26%

Mike Smithson

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