The reds slip 2 with TNS-BMRB

The reds slip 2 with TNS-BMRB

TRS-BMRB Apr 27 Apr 20
LIB DEMS 30% 30%
LABOUR 27% 29%

There’s a new poll out from TNS-BMRB – the firm that operates on a face to face basis but where interviewees key in their voting intention responses in a confidential manner on a computer.

Not much change on the previous week apart from the drop in the Labour share. Note that fieldwork finished on Tuesday – the day before Mr. Brown went to Rochdale.

The first fully post-Bigotgate voting intention poll should be this evening’s YouGov daily poll

TNS-BMRB found that 2 out of every five Tory voters said their prime motivation was to get rid of Mr. Brown rather than it being a positive choice for the party.

Amongst those polls still to come today is an Angus Reid poll for the Economist. The final AR poll for PB will come on May 5. There’s also a MORI CON-LAB marginals poll.

Mike Smithson

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