Welcome to final debate day Mr. Brown

Welcome to final debate day Mr. Brown

At least he’s making the headlines!

This morning’s front pages were always going to be bloody for the PM and these won’t disappoint.

Even the ultra-loyal Daily Mirror had a problem with this story.

Maybe Brown is lucky that today is final debate day because at the least the media will have to move on. Tomorrow will all be about the this closing session which will frame the coverage for the final few days.

Just reflecting on what happened the shocking thing that Mrs. Duffy highlighted is that virtually all of Brown’s contacts during the campaign have been with hand-picked safe people.

What does it say about a Prime Minister and Labour Party leader who cannot be allowed to get near “ordinary” members of the public?

I wonder how those 313 Labour MPs who signed Mr. Brown’s nomination papers almost exactly three years ago are feeling this morning.

Didn’t they stop to wonder then why he was so desperate to have an uncontested leadership election?

A week today the polling stations will be opening.

Mike Smithson

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